Sixth Committee: Legal Committee

Committee Information

Title: Sixth Committee: Legal Committee

Organ: General Assembly

Chair: Matt Simon

Topic A: Contemporary Law of the Sea

Topic A Summary:

While waterways and the open ocean have always been a contested space between nations, there have been few instances in recent years of conflict between individual countries. However, attacks such as those conducted by pirates in the Arabian Sea and off the eastern edge of Africa, among other events, have brought to light the importance of law reform pertaining to safety of water travel. Through what groups should the sanctity of waterways be preserved? Where should the funding for protection of international waters, if any, come from? What role do Exclusive Economic Zones play in this decision? Delegates in Legal will be faced with the multiple facets of this problem and seek to address them with both efficacy and efficiency.

Topic B: Reforming Peacekeeping

Topic B Summary:

Given the often complicated and difficult situation into which UN Peacekeepers are placed, it is clear that Peacekeeping missions must be handled quite delicately and with a high degree of diligence. In addition, stagnant amounts of both physical and human capital for these missions are causing them to run into even more problems, and in some cases prevent the UN from sending out certain missions at all. How will the safety of Peacekeepers be ensured, and how can the number of Peacekeepers and their available resources be significantly increased, especially considering the importance the Free Rider problem plays in this issue? As members of UNICEF, it will be crucial to cover these issues and attempt to implement pragmatic solutions to them.

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Letter from the Chair

Dear Delegates,

It is with excitement that I welcome you to ILMUNC India 2016! My name is Matt Simon, and I am thrilled to serve as chair of LEGAL this year. The moderate size of this simulation, along with its socially pertinent topics, allows for multi-faceted and vibrant debate unique to this Economic and Social Council. I am eager to see how you will steer this committee over the course of conference, and I'm confident you'll enjoy it as much as I do.

A bit more about myself, I was raised in a tiny suburb north of Philadelphia and had lived there my whole life before I began my studies at the University of Pennsylvania last year. As a sophomore in the College of Arts & Sciences, I've had great freedom in choosing my major – I'm still deciding on some combination of Biology, Economics, and Computer Science. In addition to being involved in ILMUNC India, I am a tour guide on Penn's campus, play on an intramural soccer league, and compete on Penn's competitive Model United Nations team.

As I stated, I am beyond excited to welcome you to ILMUNC India this year. The people I've gotten the chance to work with in preparation for conference have demonstrated through their work ethic and dedication that this year's conference will truly be the best to date. Along with the hard work of the Secretariat and senior staff, I am confident that you will bring diverse ideas and experiences to the conference this year: not only am I sure you will collaborate on dynamic solutions to the topics of committee, but I'm positive we'll all have a blast in the process. I cannot wait to meet you all come November!

Matt Simon
Chair, Sixth Committee: Legal Committee

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