United Nations Population Fund

Committee Information

Title: United Nations Population Fund

Organ: Economic and Social Council Committees and Specialized Agencies

Chair: Vatsal Jayaswal

Topic A: Global Climate Change

Topic A Summary:

Global climate change affects affects everyone, both men and women, and poses large scale questions about the state of the world population. At a more detailed level, those that are poor, vulnerable, and lack the resources to adapt are disproportionately affected, in many cases poor women who bear the responsibilities of food production and water collection in many parts of the world. UNFPA strives to promote sexual and reproductive health, education, and violence prevention to foster resilience among these vulnerable populations. "Access to voluntary family planning, maternal health care and quality education are key ways to empower vulnerable women and young people, making them better equipped to prepare for and respond to climate-related crises."

Topic B: Child Marriage and Adolescent Pregnancy

Topic B Summary:

This first topic is a hybrid of some of the issues UNFPA addresses. While this may seem specific, the problems of child marriage and adolescent pregnancy call for reexamining traditional institutions of marriage and understanding how current laws reinforce inequality and problematic family structures. Child marriage and adolescent pregnancy are a both result of an absence of choices -- they are consequences of of access to education, information, and health care. Both child marriage and adolescent pregnancy drastically change the course of women's lives in terms of education, job prospects, and overall health. The UNFPA works to address this by supporting comprehensive health and sexuality education, and advocates for empowering women to return to school after pregnancy. The UNFPA also promotes legislation targeted towards ending child marriage, as well as evidence-based, women-centered initiatives that empower girls with the information and skills they need for a successful transition into adulthood. UNFPA also works to support the needs of married girls, particularly in family planning and maternal health.

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Letter from the Chair

Dear Delegates,

My name is Vatsal Jayaswal and I am incredibly excited to be serving as the chair of the United Nations Population Fund this year.

After moving from San Jose to Bangalore when I was 8, I spent 10 years in India, 6 of which were on the MUN circuit. I participated with Bishop Cotton's team from 2010 to 2012, and with Indus Bangalore after that. ILMUNC India really got me obsessed with Penn. I had always dreamed of working on one of the Penn conferences. On our secretariat, I am now living the dream.

l study computer science at Penn and travels with the Model UN team here. My favorite movie is Oldboy (yeah - the South Korean version), my favorite TV show is the Boondocks, and I am super stoked to be involved in my favorite Model UN conference in the circuit! Can't wait to meet you all!

Vatsal Jayaswal
Chair, United Nations Population Fund

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