Webinar Schedule

Date Time Name Topic
Tuesday, November 1 6:30pm IST Ahmed Kamil
Parliamentary Procedure and General MUN Tips
Tuesday, November 1 7:30pm IST Aashil Desai
(Crisis: Bonaparte Family Dinner)
Notes in Crisis / What on earth are Portfolio Powers?
Wednesday, November 2 7:30pm IST Medha Sharma
(Crisis: South African Anti-Apartheid Summit)
What is a Directive / How to Succeed in Crisis Committees
Thursday, November 3 7:30pm IST Michael Mintovsky
Success in GA/DISEC: Parlimentary Procedure and Etiquette Guidelines
Monday, November 7 7:30pm IST Zhara Hussain
Advice for Unmoderated Caucuses and Drafting Resolutions
Tuesday, November 8 7:30pm IST Vatsal Jayaswal
Success in GA and ECOSOC: Advice on Good Public Speaking and Making a Strong Impression on the Committee
Tuesday, November 8 8:30pm IST Daniel Palmieri
(GA: Special Session on Drugs – Novice)
Special Session on Drugs: Looking Closer at Marijuana Legalization in the United States
Wednesday, November 9 7:30pm IST Matt Simon
(GA: Legal)
GA Format / What Makes a Great Delegate
Wednesday, November 9 8:30pm IST Risha Rohera
(Crisis: South African Anti-Apartheid Summit)
Committee Procedures / Rules for Crisis Committees
Thursday, November 10 7:30pm IST Carmen Abello
(Crisis: Bonaparte Family Dinner)
How to be a Great Crisis Delegate Inside and Outside of the Crisis Room